Searching for the reality of God through science, logic and reason

The search that settled it for me

Growing up in India, a land of tremendous cultural and religious diversity caused numerous questions to spring up in my mind, but I found few answers to them. After I graduated from medical school, I determined to find the answers for myself. My journey began when a Hindu priest challenged me to look for reasonable explanations to the questions that had troubled me.

This began an intellectual journey that took decades. I gathered information every way I could. I set aside my biases and became an honest, neutral inquirer, developing a logical, methodical approach to examining the existence of God, evolution, relativism, pluralism, and a novel, creative method for comparing the five great world religions.

At the conclusion of this search, I was stunned. My search had led me to the discovery that belief in God actually made good, sound sense, and that among the great world religions, Christianity was wholly unique and clearly stood apart. Now, I plan to create a series of free online video courses to guide those with similar questions through this journey of inquiry and discovery. I call it InQuverse.

- Dr. Subodh Pandit

About the courses we want to make

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Course i

A Study of Theism Versus Atheism

Dr. Pandit establishes the factors, attitudes and concepts needed for an honest, neutral inquiry. From there, we examine the rational arguments for, and against, theism and atheism, while critically exploring the grand cosmic question, “Does God really exist?”
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Course Ii

A Detailed Scrutiny of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution is put under the microscope as Dr. Pandit guides students through the different types of evolution and the problems with each; ending by defining what is truly “scientific.”
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Course iII

Comparing the Five Great World Religions

Dr. Pandit teaches a unique and compelling method for comparing the merits of five vastly different belief systems; showing how, ultimately, only one stands clearly apart from the rest.
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Course iV

How to Teach and Defend These Ideas

We inspect the usual approach to metaphysical topics and their drawbacks, culminating with the most effective approach. Inquirers are equipped with compelling tools to share what they’ve learned.
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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Subodh Pandit is a medical doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine. He was born and brought up amongst the rich diversity of India. He earned his medical degrees in both India and the United States. In the U.S., he taught in the Dept. of Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma, thus creating a lifelong love of teaching. He later worked as an ER physician until his retirement.

Growing up as a child with friends of many different faiths, created many questions but few answers. So, during his years of medical practice, he devoted his spare time applying scientific principles to the study of metaphysics, specifically God, spirituality and religion. Years of this intensive study, eventually led to the formation of a stepwise, logical sequence of concepts. These concepts showed him that belief in God made good, sound sense, and that the Christian way was wholly unique and clearly stood apart. This sequence formed the basis of the seminar he developed, and has been presenting worldwide for nearly two decades.

From his very first presentation to a small group of students from the University of Maryland, he could see that this approach was new to them. The material seemed to grip them and hold their attention right away. They found the approach unique, enlightening, and satisfying to the intellect. Imagine actually finding solid, satisfying answers to such vexing questions as, “Does God exist? Is Theism rational? Are any of the religions true?” The picture of joy and satisfaction on their faces showed the striking effect of having these questions answered with a logical approach built on credible, factual information!

Since then, he has shared this intellectual approach to belief, across five continents, including some of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the world, including Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Duke, to name a few. Now, Dr. Pandit has created InQuverse – a series of free online video courses that teach this intelligent, non-confrontational approach to controversial questions surrounding belief systems and religions. Put simply, it’s a place for fellow inquirers to come learn a new and satisfying way of engaging intellectually in some of their biggest questions.
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Dr. Pandit presenting at a conference
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“I now believe that I can be a Christian and a Scientist. This logical approach is so different.”
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“This is the first time someone has listened to my questions and answered them.”
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“ It is a relief to hear someone speak the language of common sense,  reason, and logic.”

Books by Dr. Pandit

Does God really exist book cover with space background

Does God Really Exist: Is Theism Rational? Is Evolution Truly Scientific?

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The weight of evidence book cover

The Weight of Evidence: Religions Compared Candidly

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Setting the record straight book cover

Setting the Record Straight on Atheism, Agnosticism. and Evolution

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